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Prepare your home for an extended trip

Whether you’re planning to head south for the winter, take a long cruise or tour another continent, here are six key ways to prepare your home for your long-term absence.

House calls

Ask a friend, family member or neighbour to drop by your home regularly to pick up mail, flyers and community bulletins. Have any newspaper and magazine subscriptions paused. Arrange for a snow removal service to clear any snow from your porch, driveway and sidewalk.

Set timers on your lights

Have the lights automatically turn on and off in different rooms throughout the day, as well as exterior lights when it gets dark. Consider using a Wi-Fi-enabled smart light system to remotely control the lighting from your mobile device. Alternatively, ask a neighbour to come in and flick your light switches periodically.

Control the temperature

Set the thermostat high enough to keep the water pipes from freezing. You can also install a water flow sensor on your main water supply pipe, which sends an alert to your mobile device if there’s an issue with your interior or exterior pipes.

Secure the premises

Activate your security system, if you have one, and check that all doors and windows are locked. Specialized locks on sliding glass doors and deadbolt locks on windows are recommended. Store any valuables in a safe deposit box or safe.

Tech upgrades

Monitor everything from doors and windows to smoke alarms and package delivery with new smart technology. Some devices allow you to set up customized alerts too, like if a courier arrives. Consider an electronic timer to randomly turn on your TV and stereo so the place seems lively.

Contact your insurance provider

Let your insurer know you’ll be away for a while. Many home insurance policies will require someone—like a friend or neighbour—to come check in on your home while it’s unoccupied. It’s important to comply so your coverage doesn’t lapse.

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With these simple preventive measures, you’ll ensure your home is protected while you’re away on a longer holiday.

Review your policy

Have peace of mind while on an extended vacation by ensuring your house and belongings are protected with the proper home insurance coverage. Speak with a licensed CAA Insurance Agent to see if you have the right coverage for your needs.

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