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How to travel comfortably with pets

If you’re planning to take your furry family member on a weekend excursion or tropical getaway, here’s some advice to consider before you leave home.

Road tripping

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If you’re driving, secure your pet in the back seat of the vehicle, says Narissa Weston, a registered veterinary technician with Highway 24 Veterinary Clinic in Guelph, Ontario. A crate that’s large enough for them to lie down, turn around and stand is ideal. A harness is another safe option.

Don’t allow your dog to put its head out the window of a moving car. They could be hurt if you brake suddenly or if debris gets in their eyes.

International travel

Check your destination’s entry requirements for pets. You may need to show particular documents, whether arriving by land or air, including:

  • Proof of ownership
  • Vaccination certificates, including proof of rabies shot
  • Microchip information
  • Spaying/neutering documentation
  • A printed Canadian International Health Certificate from your vet and endorsed by an official government veterinarian
  • A Convention On International Trade In Endangered Species Of Wild Fauna And Flora (CITES) permit if your pet is exotic, such as a parrot, lizard or snake

Carry the basics

Don’t leave home without these essentials

  • A collar or harness with identification, or tracking information if your pet has a microchip
  • A leash
  • Poop bags and/or kitty litter
  • Food, treats and a collapsible water bowl
  • Any necessary medication (as well as extra, in case your trip is extended)
  • Medical records and vaccination certificates
  • Contact information for your vet

Flight preparation

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Get them accustomed to their crate in advance. “A pet that feels comfortable sleeping or resting in the carrier will have an easier time travelling,” Weston says.

Feed them four to six hours prior to boarding and limit water. This gives enough time to digest their food and go pee.

Register your pet with the airline in advance. You’ll need to pay a fee for transporting them as either in-cabin accompaniment or as checked baggage in an approved carrier.

Ensure they’re protected

Weston recommends investing in medical coverage for peace of mind. In the case of an emergency, pet insurance can help you choose the best treatment options available.

Depending on your plan, coverage may extend to any vet in Canada or the U.S. When making travel plans with your pet, choose the option that’s the safest and most comfortable for them so that everyone can enjoy their holiday.

Coverage for the whole family

Help ensure your pets are protected when travelling with pet insurance from Pets Plus Us, a CAA partner, which can help cover the costs of unexpected illnesses and accidents. Call 1-833-323-2452 or visit our website for more information.

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