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Gear up and get winter ready with CAA

Winter is on its way. Don’t get caught in the cold. CAA will keep you warm with these tips to help you get winter ready.  

Refresh your space

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Winter means spending more time at home. Spruce up your home, and make sure your space is cozy for those long winter months ahead. 

Need a pop of fresh colour? Get inspired with Dulux Paints CAA Members save 25 per cent and earn three per cent in CAA Dollars on every Dulux Paints purchase. 

As temperatures get chilly outdoors, it’s only natural to want to bring more warmth into your house. At Bouclair, you can pick up cozy blankets and pillows, and brighten up your place with stylish floor or table lamps. CAA Members get five per cent off all purchases. 

Your bedroom should be your warm and comfortable oasis. So why not use this opportunity to reimagine it? Upgrade to a new ENDY mattress and get 15 CAA Dollars. Or pick up fashionable and functional new sheets and comforters at Simons and get four per cent in CAA Dollars. 

Plus, protect your home this winter. Whatever your opinion is on the frigid temperatures, snow can be hard on our houses. Cold leaks are major headaches during this time of the year, making your house less comfortable and durable, and driving up heating costs. Applying weatherstripping to doors and windows is a simple and cost-effective way to prevent cold leaks that will prove beneficial in all seasons.  

Check out Home Depot online for all your weatherproofing needs and get two per cent back in CAA Dollars. 

Bundle up with winter jackets for men and women

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Shop for new winter jackets, and all your cold weather accessories with CAA Rewards. Stay warm in style this winter with Simons and get four per cent back in CAA Dollars when you shop online. They have all the trendy accessories you need to keep toasty from head to toe.  

Are you dreaming of hitting the slopes? Whether you’re an experienced skier or trying out the sport for the first time, Altitude Sports has everything you need. So, gear up for hitting the slopes with Altitude sports, and when you shop online. CAA Members get four per cent back in CAA Dollars. 

For the frosty adventurers, head to Gear Up for Outdoors. Find everything you need for winter camping, snowshoeing, and much more with Gear Up for Outdoors. Plus, CAA Members save 10 per cent when shopping in-store and online.  

Avoid the cold at the pumps

Fuel up faster and keep warm at participating Shell gas stations all winter long. The Shell app lets you pay from your phone, meaning you can spend less time at the pumps this winter. 

Download the Shell app and set up Shell EasyPay. Plus, you can add your CAA membership number right into the app to enjoy CAA member savings of 3c/l on gas at the pump and in-store, 10% off on car washes and 10% on in-store purchases. Conditions apply. 

Prepare your car for winter

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Start by installing winter tires

For better traction in cold Canadian winters, swap out your summer or all-season tires for winter ones. Switching over can also save you money! Did you know that drivers get a 5% discount on CAA Auto Insurance premiums when installing winter tires?  

Are you looking for an easy, affordable tire-changing service right at home? CAA Members in select regions within Ottawa, Sudbury and Thunder Bay can take advantage of CAA Mobile Tire Service for the winter season. Appointments must be booked online, at least 48 hours in advance. Book your appointment today! 

Test your battery, not your luck

Don’t find yourself stuck because your car won’t start. Get your car battery tested! CAA’s Mobile Battery Service will come to your home to test, replace, and recycle your battery on the spot, so you won’t be left out in the cold. 

Find out more about the program at CAA Members also get up to $25 off on the purchase of a CAA Premium Car Battery. Get a battery quote here. 

Don’t leave important maintenance to the last minute

Get winter ready with rust proofing services with Krown. CAA Members save $10 on Krown Rust Control applications and save 20 per cent on all other Krown products. 

And for anything else your car may need, head to NAPA Auto Parts. Members save 10 per cent on retail parts and accessories at participating stores.  

Winter car storage

Looking to store your car for winter? PODS Storage is there for you. Members save 10 per cent on storage fees when you bring your car to any participating PODS Storage Centre. Containers are 16 feet, steel-framed, weather-resistant containers stored in a heated facility through the winter.

Available in Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, Halifax, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Vancouver only. Use Promo Code CAACARCARE. 

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