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How well do you know the Ottawa Senators? Take the quiz

Sens Army, assemble! Hockey season is heating up and you can go cheer on your home team, the Ottawa Senators. Get ready with your red, black and gold because tickets are on sale now. 

You may be prepared to start chanting, ‘Go Sens go!’ but how well do you know the team, really?  

The NHL team is one of the oldest professional ice hockey teams, with the original Ottawa Senators formed in 1883. They have had many changes over the years, but their string of notable players, commitment to the community and heated rivalries are some of the reasons that fans have stayed loyal and passionate.  

So, how big of a fan are you?  Maybe you’re practically the mascot, a devoted member of the army or new to the cheer section. Take this quiz to find out just how well you know the Ottawa Senators team.  

Mitchell Leff | Getty Images

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