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Summer day trips to La Ronde – Top things to do and see

Looking for adrenaline and excitement? As summer gets going, there’s no better way to make the most of the sizzling season than taking a trip to Eastern Canada’s single largest amusement park: Montreal’s La Ronde.  

Jam-packed with the very best roller coasters, scramblers, and everything in between, La Ronde does not disappoint. Take in the sights, dive into the thrills and enjoy the spectacle of this one-of-a-kind weekend experience. Plus, CAA Members enjoy up to a 25 per cent discount on park tickets in person or online.  

So what’s holding you back? Plan a trip and hop on the road for an unforgettable summer day of fun and adrenaline that you’ll never forget.  

How to get there

La Ronde is located on the scenic Jean Drapeau Island Parc, known for its dazzling views of the St. Lawrence River and for hosting many of Montreal’s top summer festivals, such as Osheaga and Piknik Électronique. 

If you plan to drive, a paid parking lot is directly next to the park’s entrance. It is available on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is best to arrive early to secure the best spots.  

La Ronde is also easily accessible by public transit. Take the Montreal Metro’s yellow line to Jean-Drapeau station and enjoy a 20-minute walk through one of the city’s most beautiful destinations. A Montreal Metro shuttle service will take you directly from Jean-Drapeau or Papineau Metro stations to La Ronde’s gates.  

For an authentic Montreal summer experience, hop on one of the city’s many rentable BIXI bikes and enjoy a leisurely ride over the Jacques Cartier Bridge while enjoying unbeatable views of the St. Lawrence River. BIXI bikes can be found throughout the city, and you can drop off your bike directly outside the park’s gates.   

Biggest thrills in the park

When it comes to the rides, there are plenty of choices. From scream-inducing roller coasters to leisurely Ferris wheels and refreshing aquatic slopes, there is something for any type of adrenaline seeker. 

Start your visit by securing a place in line for the intimidating Monster, the iconic and aptly named wooden roller coaster and one of La Ronde’s most renowned attractions. As soon as it starts moving, it doesn’t let up, reaching speeds of up to 96 kilometres per hour with slamming turns and 40-meter descents. Lines can be long, so it’s best to get a spot as early as possible. 

For those seeking even bigger thrills, nothing beats the Goliath and its steep slopes. Get ready to scream as soon as this ride starts moving. Reaching a height of over 50m and boasting what feels like an almost vertical first drop, the Goliath holds nothing back. The ride’s momentum doesn’t seem to stop and stays with you well after you’ve unbuckled your seatbelt.   


La Ronde
Jed Chown

La Ronde also offers a wide variety of gentler alternatives, from scenic Ferris wheels to nostalgic carousels and spinning contraptions. On a hot summer day, riding or standing near the Splash water ride is an easy and fun way to cool down. Afterwards, hop on one of the nearby rides to catch some air and dry off. There are options and speeds for everyone, no matter what your level of thrill-seeking may be. 

Remember to enjoy the ambience of the park, too. With themed sections, it provides plenty of amusement in simply walking around the site. From cowboy saloons to animatronic dinosaurs and everything in between, there are many sights on display to stoke your imagination and keep you engaged between rides. 

Best things to eat

When it’s time to recharge from the rides, La Ronde offers many classic amusement park foods. There is plenty of grub to satisfy your cravings, from mouth-watering poutines to Korean hot dogs and crispy chicken sandwiches. 

On our visit, we chowed down on hot dogs and fries from Fines Poutine and topped them off with fresh-off-the-grill Middle Eastern cuisine from Sabra. It was the perfect way to regain some energy and dive back into the rides.    

Are you looking for something a little sweeter? Ice cream bars and Beaver Tails can be found all over the site. Cool down and enjoy some sugary snacks to keep yourself fueled until the end of the day.  

Food stalls are in all corners of the park, so no matter where you are, there is always something nearby to fill your stomach.   

Enjoy the thrills with CAA

Are you ready to dive into the fun? CAA Members save up to 25 per cent on La Ronde theme park tickets. 

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