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What to know before your first Atlético Ottawa game 

Not sure what to do this summer? Head to TD Place Stadium and take in an Atlético Ottawa game!  

Whether you’re looking to get into a new sport or are a longtime soccer fan, Atlético games are the perfect thing to add to your Ottawa bucket list this summer.   

While Atlético may be only in its fourth season in Ottawa, the club has ties to a long legacy of excellence on the soccer field. Ottawa’s parent club, Atlético Madrid, was founded in 1903, though they officially became known as Atlético in 1946. For over 100 years, Atlético Madrid has focused on developing local athletes and scouting for talent worldwide. Ottawa’s position within the Canadian Premier League made them the perfect club to take on the Atlético name, connecting two capital cities over a love of the support and a desire to develop local athletes.   

The Canadian Premier League (CPL) is a league built by Canadians for Canadians. It focuses on developing the skills of Canadian players and coaches while celebrating Canada’s diversity. Atlético is one of eight teams in the CPL.   

Are you ready to cheer on Atlético Ottawa this summer? If you’re new to Ottawa or the sport, here is everything you need to know before your first Atlético game.   

About Atlético

Founded in 2020, Atlético Ottawa is owned by the iconic Atlético Madrid. The football club brings together two capital cities, united over a love of soccer. 

Atlético Ottawa borrows its identity from its parent club, with some notable changes that make it distinctly Ottawan. The team colours are red, white, and blue, branded by the club as federal red, blanc d’Ottawa, and Rideau Blue, as a nod to Atlético Madrid. The team’s crest features a silhouette of Parliament’s Peace Tower, vertical red and white stripes that serve as a nod to the Canadian flag, and the iconic stripes that first earned Atlético Madrid the nickname “Los Rojiblancos” (meaning red and white).   

Atlético Ottawa serves as one of six active departments of Atlético Madrid, promoting local opportunities for local athletes and coaches.   

Getting here

TD Place Stadium is Atlético Ottawa’s home pitch. Located in Ottawa’s Lansdowne Park, there are many options to get to the game. Just remember that it is recommended you arrive one hour before the game starts.    

If you plan on driving to the stadium, purchase your parking beforehand, as a limited number of passes are available and sell out quickly. Like your tickets, your parking passes are digital and can be added to your mobile wallet. Passes are reserved for three hours prior to game time, and it is best to arrive early.    

You can also take OC Transpo to a game; your game ticket lets you ride for free. Just show your ticket to the driver as you board the bus. When taking the LRT or a bus from a gated station, use the video chat function on a ticket machine. Go to “we’re here to help” and chat with a customer service agent who will issue you a pass to get through the gates. Don’t forget to hold on to your pass and use it on the way home. OC Transpo services for Atlético games start three hours before game time. 

Atlético Ottawa
Atlético Ottawa

What to bring

TD Place Stadium is an open-air venue, so dress according to the weather. Bring hats, sunglasses, and non-aerosol sunscreens for afternoon games when the sun is shining to stay protected and comfortable under the warm sun. Ponchos are a great idea on rainy days, but umbrellas are prohibited. Check the TD Place Stadium Guide for what you can and cannot bring along on game day and other policies.   

Remember that your bag must fit under your seat. All bags will be searched upon entry, so bringing only the essentials with you is best. Bringing a clear bag is encouraged; those with clear bags can use the express lines to enter the stadium. 

Stadium snacks

One of the best parts of any sports game is the food options you can enjoy while cheering on your team. TD Place Stadium has so much to offer for whatever you’re craving. 
For an Ottawa Classic, head to Gariel Pizza for cheese and pepperoni slices in sections C and HH. Head to Lansdowne Grab N Go in section A to grab salads like a classic Caesar salad or try a curried chickpea sandwich. 
For poutine, cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets, head to the Glebe Grill in section GG. 

For all things pork, check out The Smoking Pig. Head to section CC for jumbo hot dogs, brisket quesadillas, and pulled pork nachos. 
Ready for a sweet treat? Head to Lois ‘n’ Frima’s in section C of the main concourse for ice cream and mini donuts.

Meet Wally the T-Rex

When at an Atlético Ottawa game, don’t forget to say hello to Atlético’s mascot, Wally the T-Rex. 

Wally’s origin story is complicated, like something out of Jurassic Park. Scientists at The Canadian Museum of Nature found a fossil that they thought to be an ancient beluga. As they researched the specimen, they found it shared some similarities to birds, which was strange for a beluga. The scientist decided to try and recreate the specimen and quickly found out it was not an ancient beluga like they thought. They had brought to life a T-Rex!  

As the scientists ran, the T-Rex, named Wally, escaped the laboratory and began roaming around Ottawa. Wally tried making friends as he wandered Ottawa but scared many off with his roar. He just wanted a place to belong.  

That was until he wound up at TD Place Stadium. There in the crowd of an Atlético Ottawa game was another T-Rex, wearing a red and white jersey. This T-Rex was inflatable and had been introduced during a Beach Party-themed game earlier in the season. Seeing how Atlético fans adored this inflatable dinosaur that looked just like him, Wally joined the crowd.  

Instantly, Wally the T-Rex was loved by fans, and joined in on cheering on Atlético Ottawa. The 2024 season is Wally’s first full season as the official mascot of Atlético Ottawa.  

Themed games

Did you know that Atlético Ottawa has theme games? Atlético Ottawa is throwing 13 theme games this season to celebrate local cultures, communities and more, like the Canadian Armed Forces Appreciation Night on June 28. Watch as Ottawa takes on Winnipeg’s Valour FC and supports the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario on July 21 with a Legends and Heroes-themed game. Or celebrate Hispanic and Latino culture as Ottawa plays Vancouver on August 31 at La FIESTA night. 

Atlético Ottawa
Atlético Ottawa

Get your ticket

So, are you ready for a fun summer filled with soccer action? Now is the perfect time to get your tickets. The Atlético 2024 regular season ends on October 19, so there is still plenty of time to take in Ottawa’s favourite soccer team.  

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