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Baggage insurance: Your essential travel companion 

Imagine booking your dream vacation. Like many others, lost luggage is the last thing on your mind. You have everything planned, from activities to outfits and what you want to buy.   

While in Spain, you’ve been fantasizing about cooking paella, a classic Spanish meal, and when in England, you’ll be enjoying afternoon tea at the same spot as the beloved characters from Bridgerton. You may take the polar plunge in Antarctica if you’re more adventurous.    

However, you may have forgotten one important thing when planning everything else. What happens if your luggage goes missing?   

If baggage insurance isn’t on your mind, you aren’t alone. A 2023 survey shows approximately 32.1 per cent of Canadians have had their luggage stolen, damaged or lost. While many did see their baggage again, 6.7 per cent of these people never saw it again, according to Compare the Market Australia.   

What is baggage insurance?

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Baggage insurance ensures that your travel coverage protects you and your bags for the duration of your trip.   

Baggage coverage covers all your essential items when you travel. You are protected if your luggage is lost, stolen, damaged or delayed during your vacation. This coverage applies regardless of whether the incident occurred because of a missed flight or theft while you were travelling.  

Your baggage coverage will assist in replacing lost items, whether your suitcase or sports equipment was lost on the plane or boarded the wrong flight. Insurance coverage will help you replace those items if they are not recovered.   

How it works

Losing your bags can be stressful enough. The last thing you want to consider is how to replace your items. If you lose your baggage, you may have to replace essential items immediately; what these items are depends on your trip.  

Luggage insurance works by compensating for your financial losses. These losses can encompass damages to goods, lost items and expenses because of significant baggage delays.  

Insurance compensates for expenses and covers necessary items if your bags are delayed.  

These items may change depending on where you are going. You may need to purchase warmer clothing if you have just landed in Antarctica and only have a fall jacket. It also covers personal hygiene items and other items you may need while waiting for your luggage to catch up.  

Contact your insurance company to file a claim if your baggage is missing. After that, you can relax and enjoy the rest of your vacation without stressing about your luggage.  

Is baggage insurance worth it?

Imagine reaching your destination, excited to venture out, only to find your bags missing at the airport baggage claim. You wait until everyone has collected their luggage, and your bags still haven’t arrived. You check with the staff, but no one knows where your suitcase is. In situations like this, you’ll be grateful you have baggage insurance. 

Buying baggage insurance is similar to purchasing house insurance. You hope you’ll never need insurance, but you’ll be relieved to have coverage if your bags get lost.  

Insurance provides peace of mind, so you don’t have to worry if something happens to your bags. Instead of wandering around the airport and searching for answers, you can have peace of mind that you can replace the items you have lost.  

While you may not need to use your baggage insurance on your next adventure it’s always better to ensure you are as protected.  

Make sure you and your bags are protected

CAA Travel Insurance makes sure that you don’t miss out on your next vacation due to lost or stolen bags. Don’t forget to add baggage insurance to your plan when preparing for your next holiday.  

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