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Ask a travel consultant

Arthur Auyeung, a CAA Travel Consultant with a decade of industry experience, offers tips and advice for travelling to Europe.

Where are Canadians travelling right now?

We’ve seen interest in many European destinations rebound, including the United Kingdom, Italy, France and Greece.

AmaWaterways cruise

What are some reputable experiences that are back up and running?

There’s an increase in demand for European cruises, river cruises and group tours. Cruising was the first experience to rebound, and more recently, we’ve seen coach tours on the radar of many travellers. There’s also been interest in small group and private tours.


Any tips for pre-booking tours?

Make a reservation with a reputable supplier and review their cancellation policy as well as the meeting and drop-off points on the tour. Keep in mind that it’s common in most European destinations to give a small tip to the tour guide as a token of appreciation.


Do you have any advice for exploring Europe on your own?

Travel in the off-seasons to enjoy better pricing and fewer crowds. Consider travelling by rail, which is a safe, cost-effective mode of transportation. While many places accept credit cards, always keep some cash on hand. And comfortable walking shoes are a must. For more ideas and tips, reach out to a CAA Travel Consultant.


How should I prepare for the unexpected?

As there’s still some uncertainty around international travel, I strongly encourage everyone to purchase travel insurance, which protects against unforeseen events, like if you become ill or injured while away, or if your luggage is lost. 

If you’re planning to check bags, pack some emergency supplies in your carry-on, such as basic toiletries and a change of clothes. I also suggest subscribing to flight alerts with the airline to ensure you receive the latest updates on changes or delays to your trip.

Plan your holiday

A CAA Travel Consultant can help you plan your own European holiday. Call 1-800-267-8713 or visit to speak to a travel expert who can also advise you on the proper travel insurance coverage to protect your trip. 

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