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Travel worry-free with CAA Travel Insurance

A month-long tropical holiday with fantastic food, interesting people, and the freedom of a scooter. What could possibly go wrong? For many Canadians taking extended vacations, the excitement of planning the trip is equal to the actual adventure. Yet even the best-planned holidays can go wrong. But don’t take our word for it. Here are our Member’s experiences with CAA Travel Insurance.

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The Malaysian holiday

To celebrate their 34th birthday, a CAA Member saved up for a month-long trip to Malaysia alongside their best friend. So, with suitcases packed and their travel insurance purchased, they headed off on their dream trip. 

Ten days into their trip, the two friends crashed their scooter and ended up in a local hospital. CAA Travel Insurance was contacted and ensured the Member got medical care for an open wound on their thigh and fractured leg and hand. They had to be airlifted to another hospital for surgery. However, the Member’s surgeries had complications and delays. They stayed in a Malaysian hospital for more than a month before being returned to Canada by air ambulance.

Fortunately, their $105.46 premium on travel insurance meant they could claim $377,285 in medical care and air ambulance costs. Travel insurance was there every step of the way. While this may not have been the birthday trip our Member imagined, CAA was there for them, even abroad.

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The Grecian cruise

Accidents can happen anywhere from an accident on a scooter to a simple trip.

Inspired by their favourite movie, two of our Members decided to explore the islands of Greece. These Mama Mia fans booked a two-week luxury cruise to take all Greece has to offer from land and sea. 

While visiting Athens, one of them tripped on the stairs of a narrow alleyway. Their tour guide noticed and called to transport them to the nearest hospital. Unfortunately, they fractured their hip during their fall and needed surgery. While the surgery was successful, they caught an infection that led to a heart condition requiring major surgery. Travel Insurance helped our Member navigate the surgeries and care needed. 

After three weeks in a Greek hospital, they finally returned to Canada. Their trip may have been cut short, but their $589.50 premium on travel insurance covered their $225,000 claim.

Tour of Egypt

Travel insurance covers more than slips and falls. Thanks to Trip Cancellation and Interruption coverage, unforeseen cancellations to any pre-paid travel arrangements are also covered. 

For two CAA Members, a month-long tour of Egypt was a bucket list trip. They planned everything, including booking tours and transportation. With three months left before their trip, everything was paid for, even their travel insurance. 

One month before their trip, there was a terrorist attack, and the Canadian government announced a travel advisory on all non-essential trips to Egypt. The Members were devastated to miss their bucket list vacation. 

Luckily, their travel insurance included Trip Cancellation and Interruption coverage. So, with help from their Travel Consultant, our Members could easily cancel their travel plans. Plus, they could submit everything for their claim online. In addition, their $559.31 premium ensured our Members could stay safe at home and covered their claim of $15,790.


Protect your travels

Make sure you travel protected with CAA Travel Insurance, contact a CAA Travel Consultant or get a quote online.


CAA Travel Insurance is underwritten by Orion Travel Insurance Company, a CAA Company. Certain exclusions, limitations and restrictions apply. A Medical Questionnaire is required if you are 60 years of age and older. Quotes are valid for 30 days.


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